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Tuning-frenzy captured me when communits governed to every (not only) tuner, and the dominant supplier of parts was a company Mototechna. In that time I bought my first car (1983) – Škoda Garde (with front part from M model – unique, because model Rapid began to be produced in 1984). I tuned that. I think the best upgrade is a modification from year 1989. It's sure interesting, so look at it. After this I found a new black bodywork (original from town Kvasiny) – it was difficult to find it because black colour was assigned for export only. I had to sell my Garde in 1991 because of family reasons. But plans didn't work out, so I became an owner of another Skoda (1994). It was blue Škoda 120, which I also tuned, but not so much as Garde. Škoda 120 was stolen (1996), so I had to buy a new car – Škoda Rapid 136. In 1997 it looked differently compared to today – it was gray, absolutely serial. I started to tune it. At first I kept serial gray paint, but than I didn't like it, so Rapid was repainted to pearl black (1999). Final version of engine comes from 2002. Current appearance of vehicle you can find in photogallery. For daily transport I've got another car now.

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1. Laurin & Klement 1. Rapid Moje Garde
Moje Garde „Stodváca“ Rapid
Rapid Rapid Rapid

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